Shed the old – Put on the new

When a person who lived in a small village came to the city for the first time, everyone stared at him because his clothes were shabby. So he bought a new suit, thinking that when people saw him in his new clothes, everyone would admire him and wish him well. However when he returned home and put on the suit, it did not fit and it looked terrible. The dissatisfied customer rushed back to the store full of angry complaints. The clerk began to laugh and said, “Of course it doesn’t fit! You put on a new suit over your old clothes! You have to take off the old before you can put on the new!

The countdown to the New Year continues. We are two weeks away from Rosh Hashanah, which begins Wednesday evening, September 24. During this period of introspection, we are shedding our “old clothes” – we are throwing off our hurts and angers and past mistakes. We are in the process of forgiving and asking for forgiveness. We are in the process of disposing of our disappointments and frustrations.

Only when that is done can we put on our new clothes – dream new dreams, make new plans, restore old relationships and make new ones. (Inspired by a teaching of Rabbi Bernard Raskas)

Continue to do the work of preparing for the New Year. I am here if you need help!

Rabbi Debbie Israel