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We gratefully accept all donations; they are vital for maintaining crucial services and enriching our programs. Your contribution, in any amount, truly transforms lives and energizes our community.  Each act of generosity strengthens our bonds and expands our positive impact beyond our walls into our community.

Donations may be made to commemorate joyous occasions, or in response to troubles or sorrow. All donations are acknowledged in writing.. When donations are given in someone’s honor, that person is also informed.  (Please send us the name of the person to be honored and any message to be included. Be sure to provide the address of recipients who are non-members.) Donations can be made in one of two ways:

1) Download and complete a  Donation Form.
Donation Form

Mail your check to Congregation Emeth, 17835 Monterey Road, Morgan Hill, CA 95037.

2) Donate quickly and conveniently online.

I would like my gift directed to:
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On checkout, you will be asked if you would like to add special instructions to the seller. For example, if you would like a card sent to someone informing them about the donation, please indicate “Send card to….” at that time..

More Information About Our Temple Funds

Adult Education Donations to Adult Education support the creation of programs and courses of studies geared for adults. Annual mainstays for this program include adult Hebrew classes, Shabbat in the Redwoods Scholar in Residence, the Adult B’nai Mitzvah program, lectures and films.
Allen Wisotsky Jewish Education Fund This Scholarship Fund assists the children in our Beit Sefer (religious schools) with need-based tuition scholarships.
Betty Meyer Camper Fund Reform Jewish summer camps and trips to Israel are valuable means for children to reinforce their Jewish identity. Your contribution will help a student attend who might not otherwise have this opportunity.
Building Fund We have owned our own building since 2008. Your contribution will support physical improvements to the building and/or will help us pay down our mortgage. We also issue bonds to members and friends of Emeth. For more information about our Emeth bonds, please contact our president.
Cemetery Fund We maintain a Jewish section of a local cemetery. Your donation will go toward upkeep of the cemetery.
Community Dinners Part of Emeth’s culture is coming together for a Shabbat potluck or community dinner twice a month. Your contribution enables us to continue this community building.
Library Fund Help maintain our library and purchase new books for both children and adults.
Prayerbook Fund This fund purchases new worship materials, including our Shabbat prayerbook, Mishkan T’fila and the new Reform High Holiday Machzor
Rachamim Fund These donations provide funding and defray costs for our loving support of members, providing meals and other services for families in need, including new parents, members who are ill, and those suffering bereavement.
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund This fund enables our Rabbi to make donations to people in need, arrange for programs that she deems worthy, and contribute to other charitable causes she wishes to support. The fund is never used for the Rabbi’s personal benefit.
Religious School Support Religious School programming, helping to offset expenses not covered by school tuition.
Ritual Fund Donations provide funding for cantorial soloists, purchasing supplies to build our Sukkah, and offering special holiday programs, such as our Purim carnival and Chanukah community celebration.
Security Fund Donations to the Security Fund are used for enhancements to our building security, such as cameras, alarm systems, and features for emergency preparedness.
Sisterhood Sisterhood assists with special holiday receptions, develops a booklet to assist families with upcoming bar/bat mitzvah celebrations, offers programs to the women of Congregation Emeth, and provides philanthropic support to a variety of causes. Donations help fund each year’s programs.
Social Action/Social Justice (Tikkun Olam) This committee supports a broad range of activities to help enable congregants to repair the world. A major activity is serving a monthly meal for the homeless at the Lord’s Table.
Torah Fund Congregation Emeth has two Torahs. Funds are occasionally needed for repairs to our sacred scrolls.
Youth Group (Emet Dor Kef) Emet Dor Kef members annually participate in both a retreat and a field trip to Jewish Los Angeles. The teens work hard to raise funds to cover expenses for these special events, but your additional support will make a difference.




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