Education Staff

Education Staff

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz EDK Middle School

EDK High School

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz is working closely with Congregation Emeth School Administrator Marcia Fishman this year to oversee Chai School and Hebrew School. She enjoys teaching students of all ages (children through adults). She looks forward to interacting with all of Congregation Emeth’s students through rabbinic visits to the virtual classroom. She is teaching EDK Middle and High school students this year and has enjoyed teaching teens throughout her rabbinate at her former synagogues in New Jersey and as a Faculty member at Reform Jewish Summer camps (Camp Harlam in PA and Kutz Camp in NY).  She likes learning together with her students while having fun. Rabbi Dantowitz enjoys long walks with her dog, swimming, meditation, music, reading and hiking.
Rabbi Michelle Greenberg 5-6 Grade Chai School

EDK Middle School –


Rabbi Greenberg is a talented educator with extensive experience working with young people in informal educational settings. She designed and led service learning programs, teen advocacy training, international volunteer trips, and peer counseling education. Having taught classes in Holocaust and genocide studies for nearly three decades, Michelle recently partnered with the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, Poland to develop a Holocaust exhibit. Her writing can be found in sermon collections, newspapers, and a textbook on critical thinking. She is currently a teacher at The Nueva School in Hillsborough and has also worked as the Dean of Students at Kehillah Jewish High School in Palo Alto. Previously she was a congregational rabbi in Northfield, Illinois; Brownsville, Texas; and Denver, Colorado. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys travel, photography, and making good use of her kitchen.
Eytan Oren Hebrew I

Hebrew II

EDK High School –(intermittently)

Eytan Oren has worked in Jewish Education for 10+ years in many roles. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies, beginning his educational journey in Early Childhood and working up to Director of Education and Engagement at a synagogue. He has worked as an instructor and an administrator, planning daily lessons and yearly curriculums, working with all ages. He attended Camp Ramah Darom in Clayton, GA for 7 years and returned as a staff member for 5 more, running the Gan program (younger children of staff members) for multiple years. He loves infusing both formal and informal educational pedagogy with Jewish values and Hebrew, but most of all, he loves cooking Jewish food. 
Caleb Robinson 1-2 Grade Chai School

3-4 Grade Chai School

Caleb Robinson is a rabbinical student at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City.  Before entering rabbinical school, he worked as a middle school librarian for DC Public Schools and spent 12 years at the US Department of Labor working on veterans’ employment and employment-based immigration. Caleb hopes to work as a pulpit rabbi after graduation and is excited to be teaching our 1st through 4th grades!  In his spare time, he enjoys reading and hiking.


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