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Following the Jewish value of Pikuah Nefesh, preserving life, services and classes will be Hybrid for the short term due to Covid-19.


Jewish education and the development of Jewish identity are a lifelong process. Congregation Emeth therefore provides programs for members from five years old and on. We also encourage our students to participate in summer camps, day camps, and camp weekends. These programs provide opportunities for the students to experience a wholly Jewish environment and schedule.


2023-24 Education Information and Registration is Now Available

2023-24 Youth Education Packet

Registration is due September 13, 2023.  To submit your registration packet for the 2023-2024 year, please:

  • Download the education packet (follow above link)
  • Print and complete the packet
  • Scan and Email the Youth Education packet to Barry Freund at 
  • (or alternatively print and mail to Congregation Emeth / 17835 Monterey Road / MH 95037 /  Attn: Barry Freund (Youth Education) 


Beit Sefer (House of the Book) Programming for students from Kindergarten through B Mitzvah

Our congregation’s religious school uses the ShalomLearning platform, a curriculum that was developed for both the virtual or in-person classroom. While it is creative, fun and forward thinking, the lessons provide a range of content from Jewish culture, history, and stories. The lessons are interactive and values-based, providing tenets that we all share, like “Using your inner strength to do what’s right” and “Taking responsibility for your actions.” It is engaging and innovative Jewish educational content, and it includes videos, text studies, blessings, and activities. Younger grades experience each lesson using the five senses. As the grades progress, each of seven values (or units) consists of four lessons, incorporating social and emotional skills that enable students to build positive relationships and make responsible decisions. Through the values, students look at Jewish text, history, tefillah, and holidays. And since classes are virtually taught in your home, we will occasionally invite the whole family to join in on a selected lesson.

Jewish Studies

Children from Kindergarten through grade 2 learn the basics of Judaism. Youngsters in grade 3 through B mitzvah learn skills for participating in a Jewish community.

Hebrew Studies

Youngsters obtain the tools to be active practitioners of Judaism and learn sufficient skills to master prayerbook Hebrew.

“Shabbat Short ‘n Sweet” Services

Held once a month on Fridays, these Erev Shabbat services are also part of the Beit Sefer program for students in grade 3 through bar/bat mitzvah. They follow a (provided) community dinner where students and their parents can observe, learn, and practice Shabbat rituals. At the service students participate in leading the service, and Rabbi Dantowitz engages all participants—adults and children—in learning the meaning of the prayers and the Torah reading of the week. A sweet oneg follows each “Shabbat Short ‘n Sweet” service. All members are welcome at the dinner and services.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Instruction

The year before bar/bat mitzvah, students enrolled in Emeth’s Beit Sefer receive instruction specifically geared to becoming bar/bat mitzvah. This includes increasing their prayer base, strengthening their ability to lead a Shabbat morning service, and finding their place in the larger community.

Teen Programming

Emet Dor Kef (The Fun Generation)

This is our teen youth group – Students in grades 8–12 meet three times a month to learn Jewish ethics and values. They also have opportunities to socialize with one another and the Rabbi and periodically with teens from other temples.

Madrichim (Student Teachers)

Following bar/bat mitzvah, our students may have the opportunity to become part of the education staff as student teachers, gaining new responsibility and acting as role models for the younger students. Availability of student teaching opportunities will vary year-to-year depending on the size of the school and teacher needs.


Youth enrolled in Emet Dor Kef at the end of grade 10, 11, or 12 may participate in a confirmation ceremony after a program of study with Rabbi Dantowitz.

Adult Education

adult bat mitzvah

Adults deepen their understanding of and involvement with Judaism. Programming varies from year to year. Examples include:

  • Adult Bar & Bat Mitzvah instruction
  • Beginning Hebrew
  • Torah study
  • Annual “Scholar in Residence program
  • Annual group outing to the Silicon Valley Jewish Film Festival

Other adult programming that has been offered in the past and will be offered in the future, depending on interest, includes:

  • An Introduction to Yiddish
  • Mussar – an ancient Jewish approach to personal growth through ethical study
  • Special interest lectures or seminars

For additional information about adult education programs, please contact our adult education chair.



Jewish resources appropriate for all ages abound in Emeth’s library, adjacent to the sanctuary.


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