Emet Dor Kef

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EDK (Emeth’s Fun Generation)

Congregation Emeth’s youth group is for teens beginning in the first year after bar/bat mitzvah and continuing through grade 12. The name Emet Dor Kef derives from the Hebrew phrase for fun generation, “dor kef.”

Emet Dor Kef provides teens with a continuing Jewish education in an informal atmosphere.

The primary goal of EDK is to sustain a relationship between our middle/high school students and the congregation as a whole, and the rabbi in particular. Our program is limited to twice a month and will be taught by the rabbi and excellent role models of the Jewish community. Jewish Values and Ethics will be a strong component of the curriculum, but input from the students will be considered as well. Experiential learning components (from each student’s home) will also be included.

At the end of grade 10, 11, or 12, students enrolled in Emet Dor Kef may participate in a confirmation ceremony.





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