Membership Pledge Guidelines

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Congregation Emeth Annual Community Support Pledge Guidelines

We are dependent upon your generous annual pledge to enable us to provide crucial services and programming, fostering belonging, spiritual growth, and a sense of family. Each act of generosity strengthens our bonds and expands our positive impact beyond our walls into our community.

We thank you for your generous support of our congregation.

Our Fair Share Contribution Policy

Our congregation is committed to a “fair share” contribution policy within an honor system, combined with transparency to our members regarding our financial status and requirements. Our Fair Share Contribution Policy is designed to ensure that the financial impact of supporting our congregation is shared EQUITABLY among its members. To achieve this, we have implemented a flexible, fair share system based on the principle of proportional giving according to members’ means.

Currently, it costs approximately $2379 per member family to meet the needs of our members and sustain our congregation.

As we welcome everyone to join our congregation, regardless of their financial situation, we need those who can contribute more to do so to support the broader needs of the community. 

To ensure that the cost of supporting our congregation is distributed equitably, we suggest that each member donate between 1.5 and 3% of their household’s gross income depending upon their financial situation. A survey of many synagogues shows this is the typical range of contributions.

In keeping with our honor system, we will never inquire into the financial circumstances of our members for we are taught, “Every person shall give as they are able, according to the blessings that Adonai your G-d has bestowed upon you.”– D’varim 16:17

Insight into Our Congregation Operating Costs

Providing insight into our financial status is essential for us to show you we are GOOD STEWARDS of the congregation’s resources and enable you to make informed decisions about your level of support and how you can contribute to the congregation’s mission and goals.

Our operating costs are driven by the fact that we are a mature full-service synagogue with a fully dedicated Rabbi, weekly services, cantorial soloists, a building and sanctuary, adult education, and a religious school providing programs from kindergarten to high school.

The total cost of operating Congregation Emeth is approximately $264,000 per year or about $3219 per member household. The largest components include compensation for our Rabbi, capital debt repayment plan and operating costs for our building, and the costs of our educational programs. 

Offsetting some of our expenses are religious school tuition, revenues from several fundraisers, and special donations throughout the year by many generous members. We also obtain rental income from several groups in the community who use our space when we do not need it.   

After accounting for these additional sources of income we require a reliable base of income of approximately $2379 per member household per year. Today, 30% of our members pledge sustaining or above.

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