Standing With Israel

We are all outraged and devastated by the attack on Israel that began on October 7th. Shabbat and Simchat Torah, a day of rejoicing, was turned into a day of sorrow with hundreds murdered, kidnapped and continued fear. The fact this occurred one day after the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War is sobering and the fact that many civilians were targeted is horrifying.

The days since the attacks on Israel began have been heartbreaking. As we now know, not since the Holocaust has this many Jews been murdered in one day. As of now, more than 1,000 Israelis were killed and about 150 were kidnapped.  Babies, grandparents, young people at a peace concert, Kibbutzniks, and soldiers have been murdered by a terrorist organization (Hamas) whose goal is to kill Jews and destroy Israel.

We are here to support each other during these difficult times and we encourage you to reach out to each other and to us if there’s anything you need.

Joining Together

We joined together in prayer for Havdalah Saturday Oct 7, had a community vigil on Oct 8, and on Oct 13 we held a special Shabbat Service in Solidarity with Israel where we were joined by members of the community. There was a South Bay Community Solidarity Gathering for Israel on Oct 12 (View Recording), a rally to Bring Home the Kidnapped in Palo Alto on Nov 4, and a Sholshim 30 Days Vigil in Los Gatos on Nov 7.

There will be more opportunities to join together — as more events are planned, we’ll post them here as well.


In response to the military and human emergency in Israel the Israel Reform Movement, its Rabbis, congregations and volunteers are gearing up to help the people directly impacted in the Shaar HaNegev region and throughout Israel’s center and south in coping with the crises. The humanitarian fund, Keren b’Kavod has begun mapping needs with authorities and partner NGO and plans to bring volunteers and supplies directly to settlements and shelters under fire. Congregations throughout Israel are offering members homes and their buildings to provide temporary housing as well as pastoral counseling by our rabbis to those in need. Our group home for adults with disabilities in Modiin, Bayit B’Kehillah has very specific needs for activities and professional services to help the residents deal with the special challenge. In particular our Sha’ar Ha Negev congregation led by Rabbi Yael Vorgan is in need of assistance to help residents who are in trauma in so many respects.
We will be grateful for your donations to help the IMPJ provide the needed assistance immediately.

In response to the war launched against Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas, Jewish Silicon Valley has created the “2023 Israel Emergency” campaign to help provide immediate assistance to victims and their families. Donations may be directed to JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America) in Israel or to local Israelis in Silicon Valley.

Established in 1998, NATAL – the Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center, is an apolitical organization providing multidisciplinary treatment and support to direct and indirect victims of trauma due to terror and war in Israel. They are looking for donations to aid in this work.

Your donation ensures Magen David Adom’s paramedics, EMTS, first responders, and first-aid providers — volunteers and staff–have the training, equipment, and medical supplies they need to treat injured and ill people in Israel.

United Hatzalah is an Israeli free, volunteer-based emergency medical services organization throughout Israel with its headquarters based in Jerusalem.

The New Israel Fund was established more than 30 years ago to advance democracy and equality in Israel. NIF fights inequality, injustice, and extremism because they understand that justice is the precondition for a successful democracy and the only lasting road to peace. They are currently seeking donations for their Emergency Action Plan to meet needs in this moment of crisis. Funds donated will go to: basic care for most vulnerable groups, combating violent speech online, preventing intercommunal violence in mixed cities, and mental health and trauma counseling.

Israeli News Sources

Resources for Talking with Kids

Mental Health support

Better Help is offering 6 months of free counseling for individuals impacted by the War in Israel

JFS Silicon Valley knows these last few weeks have been scary and challenging with Israel at war. Many of us have personal connections to family, friends and others in Israel and need to support them as well as our families and friends living here.Learn more about support from JFS at counselling sessions are available for individuals looking for one-on-one emotional support. To schedule an individual appointment for counselling, please contact Snezhana our clinical associate at or 669-240-8978.

Other Resources


  • Israel: A simple guide to the most misunderstood country by Noa Tishby
  • Can we talk about Israel by Daniel Sokatch
  • Israel: A History by Anita Shapira




Prayer for Israel
by Rabbi Emily Segal 10/7/23
Eloheinu V’Eilohei Avoteinu V’Imoteinu,
Our God, God of our ancestors,
Gird Israel with strength and perseverance.
Protect our brothers and sisters and siblings
In the land of Israel
Give them the courage and fortitude to stand strong
As terrorists attack
And civilians are targeted.
El Rachum V’Chanun, merciful and gracious God,
We pray for Israel and her people:
May those who defend her know safety and bravery.
May those who lead her be guided by wisdom and insight.
May those who are wounded find healing.
May those who are grieving be embraced with comfort.
May hatred and violence be swept away from the earth.
May peace and wholeness spread across the land and fill each heart.
May we each come to know,
Bimheira V’yameinu, speedily and in our own day,
The end of war
The cessation of violence
The flowering of peace
The blossoming of redemption.
And let us say: Amen.


South Bay Community Solidarity Gathering for Israel
Remarks by Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz

Bruchim habaim-welcome.

We come together in solidarity with and for our sisters and brothers–our siblings- in Israel.

We gather together this evening broken-hearted, outraged, worried, in shock and pain. We gather together as a community in solidarity to offer support to one another. Why do we gather? As we learn in this week’s Torah portion, with the Creation of the world and human beings, “it is not good for a person to be alone.” Your being here tonight shows us the power of being with others. Your presence helps bring comfort for all of us who mourn. Your presence is a balm to those who ache.

From the shock of last Saturday’s surprise terrorist attack on Israel by Hamas by land, air and sea, we are reeling from the devastation. As the numbers continue to rise to more than 1200 dead, approximately 150 kidnapped, thousands injured, we continue to hear gruesome details of murders of babies, elderly, women, men, young people attending a peace concert, gunned down. Kibbutz members brutally murdered. Soldiers called to the front, many returning to be buried. We fear for the hostages, individuals of all ages from babies to a Holocaust survivor, pre-teens and
young adults.

Every Jewish person has either a direct connection to a friend or family member in Israel or is only one or two degrees of separation. Our social media is filled with photos and stories. L’chol ish/isha yesh shem. Each person, each missing person, each murdered person, has a name and a story to be told and remembered.

Our community strength is showing up for one another. While we can not erase this tragedy, we can hold one another close as we move through this devastating time together.

Peace, Please
By Rabbi Karyn Kedar
We gather together,
in faith and with hope
to pray for peace
and for the safety of the people of Israel.
Help us, O Holy One
and protect us in our hour of need. Touch our hearts
lest they harden with despair. Guide our thoughts
lest they are overcome with fear.
Bring healing to the wounded, strength to those in mourning, courage to
those in fear, wisdom to those who lead.
Yedid nefesh, beloved one,
reveal Yourself
and fill the world with Your light.
Spread over us the shelter of Your peace.
Be quick, God of love, for the time has come. Have mercy upon us, Eternal
One of peace.