Capital Campaign

capital campaign

Bonim B’Yachad


Congregation Emeth celebrated forty years of Jewish living and learning in our community in the year 5776 (2016). We have marked this auspicious anniversary by supporting our first capital campaign.

You rely on Emeth to provide a Jewish community where we engage in lifelong learning, worship, social action and community while celebrating Jewish spiritual and cultural traditions with the guidance of our Rabbi.

We are nearing the end of a successful campaign. With 80% of member participation so far, we are delighted to have raised $167,207! Gifts have ranged from $10 to $50,000. We are optimistic with our expectation for 100% participation, particularly because we gratefully accept a gift of any leve.

Remember, it is not too late for you to take part if you have not yet made a donation to the capital campaign.

Successfully funded by the campaign are:

1. A new Bimah, with a total cost of approximately $30,000.

bimah web

2. A playground and permanent Sukkah with a total cost of approximately $48,000.

sukkah webA sukkah wal mural is held up by some of the teens and Rabbi Israel.

3. A project to reduce energy use and cost with attic insulation and a new energy efficient roof for a portion of the building. These improvements will be made over the fall. The size of the improvements will be at least $25,000 and will depend on the final fund-raising total.

4. Reduction of our mortgage balance. We are expecting the reduction to be approximately $65,000.


 Click here for a brochure and for information on how to donate to our capital campaign.

Contact either our Capital Campaign Chair, Susan Meyers, at or

our Ways and Means Chair, Grant Gordon, at to make your pledge today..

9/11/15 EAM