Shabbat Service Choices

shabbat webCongregation Emeth offers Shabbat services most weeks on either Friday evening or Saturday morning. (Please check the calendar on our website for specifics.) Evening services typically begin at 7:15 pm and morning services tat 10 am. All members and guests are always welcome at any services. If you have never visited Emeth before and would like to attend services, you are welcome to drop by and we will welcome you warmly; if you would feel more comfortable knowing that we are expecting you, we encourage you to contact and we will have someone looking out for you so we can great and introduce you.

Shabbat Short ‘n Sweet

This informal short Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) service also provides congregants the opportunity to learn the meaning of the prayers and discuss the Torah portion of the week. Rabbi led, this service is appropriate for children of all ages as well as adults. Prayers for healing and Mourner’s Kaddish are included. These twice-a-month services, while open to and appropriate for all, are also part of Emeth’s Jewish Studies curriculum for students in grade 3 through bar/bat mitzvah.The service is followed by a sweet oneg.

Friday Night Live

This Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) service highlights the music of Shabbat. This is a high energy, musical service appropriate for both children and adults It is a full Shabbat service, (without a Torah reading) with a sermon or teaching from the Rabbi. It is followed by a sweet oneg.

TNT – Torah ‘n T’filah

This traditional service includes a reading of the weekly Torah portion and a sermon or teaching from the Rabbi. It is a complete Shabbat service, whether held Erev Shabbat (Friday evening) or Shabbat morning (Saturday morning).

Shabbat Morning Service in celebration of a bar or bat mitzvah

All congregants are invited to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah as a community. This is a traditional Shabbat morning service with Torah and Haftarah readings, followed by a Kiddush lunch for all, hosted by the family. Attire is synagogue traditional (business casual to semi-formal).

Shabbat At Home

Less than once a month, Congregation Emeth does not have community Shabbat services. Resources are available to facilitate a meaningful Shabbat dinner and Torah discussion in your home. Go to Shabbat at Home.

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