Rachamim Guide

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This Guide has been prepared to help our members and your loved ones understand Jewish practices with respect to death, funerals and mourning. The Guide is intended for reading well in advance of death, when the mind is clear and the heart is not heavy. Read it, share your feelings with dear ones and discuss the issues that should be faced during life. This guide also will prove useful when death of a loved one approaches or occurs. Keep it where you will have ready access to it in time of need.

Some of the traditions in this Guide will resonate with you, and some will not. Reform Judaism, with its special sensitivity to individual needs and preferences, empowers us to fashion a response to death that is personally meaningful as well as Jewishly authentic. There is no single correct way. The decisions are yours.

Read and/or print the Rachamim Guide (PDF).

7/27/15 EAM