Love Your Brethen

Only a year ago, exactly a year ago, we were stunned by the Charleston Church shooting.  The shooter had hoped to incite a race war.  Nine lives were lost that day.  And only days ago, our country was shattered once more by an attack by a deranged terrorist whose motives are still not completely known and certainly not understood, 49 precious souls lost.   

We know only one thing for certain: this cannot continue!  As ABC’s Matthew Doud said last Sunday, “Hateful thoughts become hateful words, and hateful words become hateful actions.”

“Love your brethren as yourself.”

Please join me this Friday evening as Congregation Emeth recites the kaddish yatom, memorial prayer, for those who were the victims of this heinous crime as well as the Charleston Church shooting.

In spite of the news, may we find our hearts still open to receive God’s blessings during this difficult week.

Rabbi Debbie Israel