2021 Town Hall Agenda

Join us on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 5 PM as we hold our annual Town Hall Meeting & Board Elections

5:00 Michael Oshan: Welcome
5:05 Rabbi Dantowitz: D’var Torah
5:10 Michael Oshan: Review of this past year
5:20 David Kirsch: Treasurer update on finances
5:25 Josh Levine: Education Report (Past Year/Next Year’s Plans)
5:35 Michael Oshan: Board of Directors Elections (Nominees Below)
5:40 Michael Oshan: Leaving the Board – Peter Mandel
5:45 Rabbi Dantowitz: Blessing for New Board
5:50 Michael Oshan: Planning for next year
(Building, High Holy Days, etc.)
And open Q&A/Discussion
6:00 Michael Oshan: Closing


Nominees are:

Marcia Fishman – President Elect

Susan Braun – Adult Education

Marilyn Freund – Membership


And we Thank our Continuing Board Members:

David Kirsch – Treasurer

Tracy Valentine – Secretary

Jay Latin – Ways and Means Chair

Emily Shem-Tov – Communications Chair

Josh Levine – Education Liaison