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Yom Shabbat, 7 Elul 5778

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The following selection of articles, published in local newspapers, represents both the milestones and the typical events at Emeth over the past several years. Enjoy going back in time and reading about our congregation.

A Jewish Blessing: Serving turkey, playing Santa ...  (PDF) SJ Mercury Dec 2016
Congregation Emeth serves hot meals Christmas Day (PDF) MH Life Dec 2016
Emeth continues tradition of innovation,... development (PDF) JValley News Nov 2016
Thankful for community (PDF) Gilroy Dispatch Nov 2016
A sweet year--more to come (PDF) Gilroy Dispatch Oct 2016
Clergy unite to strengthen bonds of interfaith community (PDF) MH Life Mar 2016
Yiddish Instruction: Evoking A Rich Cultural Heritage (PDF) JValley News Nov 2015
A Taste of NY Jewish Culture - Producers Fundraiser  (PDF) Gilroy Dispatch Jul 2015
Program by Holocaust survivor Ruth Steinfeld (PDF) JValleyNews Feb 2015
Holocaust speaker Ruth Steinfeld at Congregation Emeth (PDF) MH Times Feb 2015
Celebrating Hanukkah In Morgan Hill (PDF) MH Life Dec 2014
Craig Taubman Coming to Congregation Emeth (PDF) JValleyNews Nov 2014
Emeth's Adult B'not Mitzvah Class (PDF) JValleyNews July 2014
Emeth's Purim Carnival: By Kids, For Kids (PDF) JValleyNews Apr 2014
Congregation Emeth Holds Lively Purim Celebration (PDF) MH Times Mar 2014
MH Community Celebrates Hanukkah Lighting Together (PDF) MH Life Nov 2013
Shalom, Salaam, Peace (PDF) JValley News Sep 2013
Joshua Toch is Student Leader Par Excellence (PDF)
JValley News Aug 2013
Fiddler on the Roof Coming to Morgan Hill (PDF) JValley News May 2013
South Valley Jewish Cemetery Expanded (PDF) JValley News May 2013
Emeth Sponsors Walk for Tolerance (PDF) MH Times Aug 2012
Congregation Emeth Celebrates 35th Anniversary (PDF) MH Times Jan 2012
Seder Plate tells Passover Story (PDF) MH Times Mar 2010
Emeth Sisterhood Fry Latkes for Cooking Show (PDF) JValley News Jan 2010
Holocaust Survivor Speaks in Morgan Hill (PDF) MH Times Dec 2009
Congregation Emeth Installs Rabbi (PDF) JValley news Sep 2009
Congregation Emeth Holds Camp Shabbat (PDF) JValley News Feb 2009
Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel ... (PDF) MH Times Dec 2006
High Holy Days Full of Symbolism, Cleansing (PDF) MH Times Sep 2006
A New Spiritual Leader in Town (PDF) MH Times Aug 2006
The Journey to Adulthood (PDF) MH Times Aug 2006
Keeping Kosher (PDF) MH Times Jun 2006
Faiths Cooperate to Feed the Needy (PDF) MH Times Apr 2006
Congregation Wants to Build a Synagogue in MH (PDF) MH Times Apr 2006